Top 5 White Collar Crimes

October 3, 2019

You have landed here because you are interested in White Collar Crime. Below we outline and define five common types of white collar crime. Our, Scottsdale law firm, Adams & Associates PLC represents individuals concerned with any of them.

  1. Fraud
  2. Money Laundering
  3. Embezzlement
  4. Insider Trading
  5. Bribery

 Below are definitions of each of these types of white collar crime:


Self-representation with wrongful deception that is deemed a criminal intent to achieve financial or personal gain is considered fraud. It can be constituted by a person who intends to deceive others by unjustifiably claiming accomplishments or qualities that do not exist. There are several areas where fraud occurs, including but not limited to:

  • health care fraud, like Medicare and Medicaid fraud

  • financial fraud, like mortgage fraud

  • general fraud charges

Health care fraud is growing. It is defined by the intentional deception or misrepresentation during healthcare transactions. It can be committed by a medical provider (for example a doctor or therapist) or the insured member, who may attempt to receive unauthorized benefits.

Money Laundering

Money laundering happens when someone disguises the true source of money acquired through illegal activities. The money from criminal acts like illegal gambling or drug trafficking, which results in “dirty money.” Illegal gambling also can result in money considered “dirty.” Laundered money will often ultimately appear suspicious when deposited directly into a bank or other financial institution. Money laundering is done by running the money through legitimate businesses before it is deposited.

Money is the main reason for people to engage in most kinds of criminal activity. According to the United Nations, at the UNODC site, the estimated amount of money laundered worldwide each year is $2 trillion in US dollars.(source).


Embezzlement is a collar crime that occurs when someone intentionally appropriates money or other assets for a purpose that is not what was intended. It is typically committed by an individual employee who is in charge of a business or a trusting individual.

A perpetrator may take or use money without consent in small amounts over time to prevent others from noticing, or they may embezzle a large amount all at once, using various ways to hide the crime. Sometimes embezzlement can happen for years before being found out. Embezzlement generally constitutes a felony when the amount taken is over a given earmark set by the state in which it occurs.

Insider Trading

Insider trading happens when an individual buys or sells stock or other securities with the advantage of having information that has not yet been made public. Insider trading generally illegal because it is unfair for someone to be able to trade based on privileged knowledge that is not available to others. Although there are legal types of insider trading, it can be a serious offense. Someone convicted of insider trading can receive a sentence of up to 20 years.(source).


Bribery occurs when someone offers or accepts something valuable in exchange to influence or change another person’s behavior. The bribe could be a gift of money or another asset, given with the understanding that the recipient will do something he or she would not normally do. Bribery is often associated with political and governmental corruption.

Getting Help with White Collar Crime Representation 

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Additional white collar crimes that we defend against include telemarketing fraud, mortgage fraud, investment scams, and identity theft. Contact us today.