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Arizona's premier law firm specializes in intricate, high-profile criminal cases, safeguarding professionals' reputations and careers with strategic expertise and unwavering advocacy.

Arizona Criminal Defense Attorneys

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White Collar Criminal Defense Attorneys

White-collar crimes are business-related financial offenses, often prosecuted federally or by Arizona's state court. Given their complexity and the government's involvement, securing an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential.

Other Criminal Defense Matters

Traditional criminal offenses are frequently prosecuted in Arizona's state court or federally. Due to the seriousness and intricacies of these charges, it is crucial to retain a seasoned criminal defense attorney.

*Source: Ranking Arizona -The Best of Arizona Business

Relentless Defense in Your Toughest Times

Your Reputation Matters. We're Here to Defend It

Our law firm provides premier legal services in white-collar and traditional criminal defense. With a seasoned team, we represent individuals and corporations against allegations ranging from financial fraud to conventional offenses, ensuring a robust defense and the preservation of our clients' rights throughout the judicial process.

Criminal Defense Attorney Ashley Adams

About | Ashley Adams

Founder and principal of Adams & Associates, PLC,  Ashley D. Adams is a former prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office with over 30 years experience. Ms. Adams specializes in white collar criminal defense cases, representing corporate and individual clients in federal and state criminal trials, investigations, health care qui tam cases, and regulatory and administrative matters.

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  • Adams & Associates, PLC, Founder (Since 2009)
  • Private Practice – White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney (15 years)
  • Federal Prosecutor – U.S. Attorney’s Office (5+ years)
(480) 219-1366

Adams & Associates, PLC
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Adams & Associates, PLC, is an Arizona-based firm specializing in criminal defense, including white-collar, fraud, and government investigations, with a proven success record.

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