Labor Day And DUI Safety

August 29, 2019

Labor Day is a yearly celebration of the hard work Americans have contributed to our nation. The day is a cause for relaxing, enjoying the cool weather, and for many, drinking. In between the celebration, though, Labor Day is the fourth deadliest holiday for drunk driving.

 What does the law say?

In Arizona, you can be arrested with a blood-alcohol content of any higher than the legal limit of .08%. For a first offense you can incur $1500 or more in fines and serve 10 days in jail. Your freedom after that is further limited by a suspension of your license for 90 days, or a revocation of it for a year.  Arizona has “implied consent”, which means if you apply for a driver’s license, you automatically consent to giving a breath test if you are suspected of drunk driving. If you do not consent to providing a breath test, you will automatically lose your license for a year if you refuse. Some people think that it is better to refuse a breath test. However, the police will thereafter obtain a warrant to have your blood taken, and you will still lose your license for a year.

For second offenses, DUI penalties are even greater. The penalty for a standard DUI second offense is 90 days in jail, over $3500 in fees, license revocation for a year, and 30 hours of community service. Remember, this is for a standard DUI (BAC of .08% and over) — extreme DUIs (BAC of .15% and over) and super extreme DUIs (BAC of .20% and over) have even more serious consequences. Read below for tips on staying safe — and out of trouble — this Labor Day.

Appoint a designated driver

Avoid drinking and driving by planning who will stay sober and give everyone a ride ahead of time.

Use rideshare apps

Uber and Lyft are very user friendly. Download one or both and make an account before you go out. You might spend a few dollars, but think of the fines you’ll avoid by not driving under the influence.

Hide your keys

Anyone who is drinking should leave their keys with a sober friend.

Know the limit

If you do enjoy a drink, use a blood-alcohol content calculator to estimate what you are at and stay far under the legal limit. This is only an estimate, so be sure you know your body and make an educated decision on whether or not to drive. Additionally, know that Arizona has a no-tolerance DUI policy, meaning you may be arrested for driving under the influence even if you are under the legal limit.

If the worst does happen and you find yourself in trouble for driving under the influence, contact a skilled defense attorney immediately.

Have a safe, informed, and relaxing Labor Day Weekend!