Accused of Internet Sales Fraud in Phoenix

February 8, 2019

Crimes involving the internet are taken seriously by federal and state law enforcement and prosecutors. Specifically, Internet fraud crimes are heavily prosecuted. Internet fraud is the use of Internet services to defraud someone or otherwise take advantage of them.

Internet sales fraud is a type of internet fraud that encompasses a variety of fraudulent activity. Internet sales fraud schemes may involve failure to deliver on the promised merchandise, misrepresenting a product that is for sale, selling counterfeit items, selling stolen products, or not issuing a promised rebate.

A common Internet merchandise scam offers supposedly pricey goods like electronics, designer clothing, or other high-end items, and entices prospective buyers with promises of deep discounts. The use of online ads or other online advertising methods may be used to reach the prospective buyers. A few things may happen in such a scam:

  • The buyer may be directed away from a legitimate site and to the scammer’s site to input their payment information. The buyer will never receive any merchandise, and now the scammer has the money paid, the buyer’s personal information, and credit card number.
  • The buyer may make payment and be sent merchandise that was misrepresented. The product delivered may be subpar, perhaps a knockoff imitation of a designer brand, and is not what was advertised to the buyer.

Internet sales fraud may involve a merchandise scam, as well as identity theft, credit card or banking fraud, or other cybercrimes. Internet fraud schemes are often complex and involve multiple people across numerous states or countries.

The rise of internet fraud each year led authorities to focus resources on investigating and prosecuting these types of crimes. In the government’s zeal to stop Internet fraud innocent people may become targets of prosecution and rights may be violated during investigations.

If you are under investigation for, or being charged with, Internet sales fraud or related crimes, we urge you to consult with an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney immediately. Mounting a strong defense from the start helps ensure the most favorable outcome in your case.

Internet Sales Fraud Defense

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