Durable medical equipment supply companies have recently been under heightened scrutiny by federal and state agencies that have freely brought criminal charges without clear facts. Although some of these companies have been used to defraud the government and insurance providers, many others have come under investigation because of simple errors in processing transactions. Durable medical equipment fraud has serious consequences for the owners of these companies, including fines and prison sentences, and it is essential to retain a seasoned criminal defense attorney if you have been accused of such fraud. At the Law Offices of Adams & Associates, PLC, our experienced and skilled medical equipment fraud lawyers in Arizona will aggressively protect your rights. If you are currently under investigation or have been charged with medical equipment fraud, call Adams & Associates, PLC today for a free case evaluation.


Common types of fraud relating to medical equipment include the following:

  • billing for equipment or supplies that were never provided to the patient

  • overbilling for medical equipment and supplies

  • providing or billing for a product that was no longer medically necessary or that was not ordered by the treating physician

  • altering or fabricating wholesale invoices

  • billing for a more expensive product than the one actually provided to the patient

  • kickbacks from suppliers to physicians for referrals

  • fake letters of medical necessity

  • submission of claims for fictitious patients by using borrowed social security numbers

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The federal Social Security Act also prohibits durable medical equipment suppliers from making unsolicited telephone calls to Medicare beneficiaries unless:

  • the patient has given written permission to the supplier to make telephone contact;

  • the contact is regarding a covered item that the supplier has already furnished the patient; or

  • the supplier has furnished at least one covered item to the patient in the preceding 15 months.

Violations of these rules can subject a person to criminal, civil, and administrative penalties, including exclusion from federal health care programs. Medical supply companies are also prohibited from using independent marketing firms to make unsolicited telephone calls and cannot contact a patient based solely on a treating physician’s preliminary written or verbal prescription of durable medical equipment for a patient.

In many instances, simple mistakes in the process of supplying a patient with medical equipment and supplies can cause problems with what began as a legitimate, legal transaction. The government may view these mistakes as fraudulent action and begin an investigation. If you are currently being investigated or have been charged with medical equipment fraud, call the Law Offices of Adams & Associates, PLC, today. Our fraud lawyers in Arizona can provide you with a solid defense and protect your rights.

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