Telemarketing Fraud

Our client was facing 87 to 110 months in federal prison as a result of a telemarketing fraud accusation. Attorney Ashley Adams helped decrease his sentence to just 15 months.

State v. Michael Groh, CV-18-0073

Adams & Associates wins appeal on behalf of client in a Civil Forfeiture case.  Client was allowed to withdraw from his plea agreement because of prosecutorial misconduct in a related criminal case. The State would not agree to allow client to withdraw from his civil forfeiture settlement.  Trial court set aside the civil forfeiture settlement pursuant to Rule 60(b)(6), because the plea agreement required client to forfeit all of his assets.  The trial court found that the plea agreement was “inextricably intertwined” with the settlement, and that the defendant had demonstrated extraordinary hardship.  Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed.  Click here to read the opinion.